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EFLC-MP LUA / Configuration

Server ports

The server uses port 8888 UDP for all server functions and 8889 UDP for master list only.

Port 8888 can be changed to another one at config.cfg.

Server essencial files

ivmpServer.dll, ivmpServerMasterCon.dll, lua5.3.0.dll, libmysql.dll, playerModels.dat, vehicleModels.dat, config.cfg.

LUA scripts

The point of entry for all LUA scripts is the file "main.lua", we pack examples of how to include more files into the LUA Virtual Machine.

Config file

name: The name of your server

port: UDP port for the game server

masterlist: 0 off, 1 on. (Remember keep it off for test servers since the masterlist may consider your server as spam)

refreshrate: How often the game server will process in MS. The lower the better, we recommend 100-150.

location: Add the location of your server or the nationality target of it.

website: Your server website