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First IV:MP project

Requirements Visual 2017 Studio with C++ or a compatible IDE


The API is developed on C/C++ and it won't protect the developer agaisnt their own mistakes. Pay special attention to functions using indexes.

Getting started

  1. Start a new empty Windows Console Application
  2. Project Properties->C++->General and add the API headers path to "Additional Include Directories"
  3. Project Properties->Linker->Input and add the ivmpServer.lib path to "Additional Dependencies"
  4. Project Properties->C++->Code Generation->Runtime Library to "Multi-Threaded MT"
  • Alternatively download the API Demo from this GIT.

Starting the IVMP server

#include <mainNetwork.h>
#include "apiWorld.h"

int main()
   //Creates the IVMP network logic
   //Servers masterlist connection port is 8887 UDP. All server ports are UDP.
   if(initRaknet(8888, "Server Name", "Server location", "Server WebSite", false))
       pulseServer(); //This function executes the internal logic
       Sleep(100); //Makes the server sleep for 0.1s before executing again. Use any delay you like.
   return 1;

The outputted executable must be in the same folder as: ivmpServer.dll, ivmpServerMasterCon.dll, playerModels.dat and vehicleModels.dat

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