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Due to the lack of demand this C++ API is no longer being maintained by the IV-MP staff. Join our forum for news.

First IV:MP project

Requirements Visual 2017 Studio with C++ or a compatible IDE


The API is developed on C/C++ and it won't protect the developer agaisnt their own mistakes. Pay special attention to functions using indexes.

Other considerations

You may be interested in checking out our LUA API aswell. Official LUA API

Getting started

  1. Start a new empty Windows Console Application
  2. Project Properties->C++->General and add the API headers path to "Additional Include Directories"
  3. Project Properties->Linker->Input and add the ivmpServer.lib path to "Additional Dependencies"
  4. Project Properties->C++->Code Generation->Runtime Library to "Multi-Threaded MT"
  • Alternatively download the API Demo from this GIT.

Starting the IVMP server


#include <mainNetwork.h>
#include "apiWorld.h"

int main()
   //Creates the IVMP network logic
   //Servers masterlist connection port is 8887 UDP. All server ports are UDP.
   if(initRaknet(8888, "Server Name", "Server location", "Server WebSite", false))
       pulseServer(); //This function executes the internal logic
       Sleep(100); //Makes the server sleep for 0.1s before executing again. Use any delay you like.
   return 1;
The outputted executable must be in the same folder as: ivmpServer.dll, ivmpServerMasterCon.dll, playerModels.dat and vehicleModels.dat

Joining your own server

Open the IV:MP Client Launcher and then select the "Direct" option and it will automatically add your IP with port 8888. Alternatively you can edit the "config/favorites.txt" file and add different IP's.

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