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ExtraModMod source code can be found in this page. It is stored as a Mercurial repository (see

ExtraModMod considers More Naval AI its "parent" mod, and because of this the goal is to only include features and changes that conflict with More Naval AI goals. All fixes, improvements and features that may be compatible with MNAI will be developed in a way that makes a possible inclusion in MNAI simpler. That way, all users of the MNAI mod can benefit from ExtraModMod fixes.

ExtraModMod also includes an almost complete merge of Erebus in the Balance. For simplicity with regard to merging, all Erebus in the Balance changes will be kept in their own separate branch.

ExtraModMod opens up new possibilities for modding. You can check them in the Coding notes.

Commit Style

This section describes the commit message style to use in all ExtraModMod branches.

CommitType (IssueCode): Commit message (Credits)


CommitType can take the following values:

  • Feature: A change that adds a new possibility that is visible ingame.
  • Codechange: A modification that only alters the code itself and is not visible to players.
  • Fix: This change corrects an error in the game.
  • Cleanup: Removal of something.
  • Merge: A merge between two branches.
  • Documentation: This change only modifies the source code documentation.
  • Release: Release of a new stable (tagged) version.
  • Branch: Create a branch.


If the commit is related to an issue, the issue number must be written here. Bitbucket command keywords for handling issues should be used, see:

Commit message

A text message describing the change.


A person to be credited for this change.