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Sins of the Younger Races

This is the story of the last of the Babylon 5 mod-efforts. It's goal, to prevent another failure, by creating a place to solve our problems collaboratively. Its a port of call, home away from home, for modelers, texturers, programmers and sound engineers. It can be a strenuous place but it's our last best hope for a Babylon 5 mod. The year is 2010, the name of the place Babylon 5 - Sins of the Younger Races.

The goal is to advance a B5 mod as far as I intend to go. I cannot and will not promise to complete this mod as I first only wanted to contribute a Jumpgate. Soon afterwards I was taking over control as the mod initiator abandoned the project. So I started to mod stats and create models.

This mod is intended to recreate the coming of the younger races, from the early spaceships progressing through time to the most recent vessels and technology. It should loosely resemble the events from the series.


The authors are not responsible for any damage that may arise from using this mod. This mod may not be sold under any circumstances. It may be downloaded, as long as it does not violate the laws of the state/country you live in. This disclaimer must always be distributed with the mod. It may not be used to make any money by use of its contents without the consent of the creators.

Thanks to the TEAM:

2D Artist: SteinerX, Tobias Liebhart (TobiWahn_Kenobi)
Coders: Davroth, EvilTesla-RG, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Zvezdochets, Rodney Jenkings (HotRod), Rob Cummings
(NewHorizons), Tobias Liebhart
Modelers: Fileosoft, Koobalt, Timmaigh, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Stefan May, Zvezdochets, Tobias Liebhart
Musician: Pauli Valkeejärvi (Hawkwall)
Research: Rodney Jenkins, Darvroth
PR: SteinerX
Texturers: SteinerX, TFL_BigBangTheory, Timmaigh, ZombiesRus5, Tobias Liebhart
Bughunters: Peter1x9, ZombiesRus5, Darvroth, Rob Cummings
Support: Lavo_2, boshimi336
Model Templates: James Newman (Firehawk)
Sounds: Zvezdochets, Pauli Valkeejärvi (Hawkwall), Rob Cummings (NewHorizons)

And to
MysticAngel for the Automated Fighter docking ability

And thanks to all those modelers whose work is a inspiration and a template for creating ingame assets

If I forgot anyone, please contact me so I can give proper credit. (There seem to be so many decent people involved at the moment)

Table of contents


Dev Info:

Developers Help


PreRelease 0.44a01 (Rebellion 1.52 and 1.79)


Update 0.431 (Requires 0.43)


Full Install 0.43




  • Minbari
  • EA
  • Narn
  • Centauri
  • Shadows
  • Vorlon



  • Jumpgate


  • Tinashi
  • Nial (Tishat)
  • Flyer
  • Sharlin (Sharkaan, Sharoos)
  • Neroon

Earth Alliance:

  • Avenger Carrier
  • Artemis Frigate
  • Hermes Transport
  • Omega Destroyer
  • Sagittarius Cruiser
  • Starfury Aurora
  • Victory Destroyer
  • EA Explorer
  • Apollo
  • Hyperion
  • Starfury Badger
  • NOVA Dreadnought
  • Global Orbital Defense
  • Poseidon Super Carrier
  • Asimov Colony Ship


  • Ancient Battlecrab
  • DeathCloud
  • Scout
  • Young Battlecrab
  • Fighter
  • Carrier


  • G'Quan
  • Dag'Kar
  • Bin'Tak
  • Ka'Toc
  • Frazi
  • Gorith


  • Vorchan
  • Centrion
  • Liati


  • Heavy Cruiser
  • Light Cruiser


  • Military outposts for EA and Minbari
  • Jumpgates for EA, Narn, Centauri and Minbari


  • Unique Research Trees for all Races


  • Fonts
  • Intro Music
  • Loadscreens
  • Intro Videos
  • Icons


  • Battle music (3 tracks)
  • Quiet music (5 tracks)


  • Vorchan Ion Cannon

Please remember, this is an alpha version for play-testing purposes. If you want to contribute, here's the link

If anyone wants to contribute to this mod, please contact me. Any models, sounds, music, textures, abilities and so on are welcomed. I will however keep control of the stats.

SteinerX Blog

Blog with screenshots and infos maintained by SteinerX can be found here (out of date) [ Babylon 5ins Blog]


TobiWahn_Kenobi (Tobias Liebhart)