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TAnalyst / Manual

T-Analyst Manual


T-Analyst, used to calculate and analyse surrogate safety measures through the use of manual creation of vehicle trajectories. The manual can be found under Download T-Analyst and explains the main software and its features, as well as the requirements you will need to fulfil in order to finalize a T-Analyst project.


To run the program, several components have to be in place. NOTE: These Prerequisites are automatically installed by running the Setup.exe file included in T-Analyst version 8. This version installs T-Analyst at C:\Program Files\Lund Univeristy\T-Analyst. The manual and T-Calibration software can also be found in that folder after the installation.

To start with, install MicroSoft Access database engine. It is available in two versions, x86 and x64. Which one to choose? It depends on whether your computer is running 32 or 64 bits Windows, and which Office programs you have already on your computer. The easiest way is to try each and see which one succeeds.

  • Access database engine x64 / x86

The next step is to install .NET Framework

Go over this short checklist to make sure your video is ready for T-Analyst

  • T-Analyst supports MP4, AVI and MKV
  • Make sure the resolution fits your workspace. T-Analyst does not downscale video. So if you have 1920x1080p video, T-Analyst will dislpay it in full HD, without reducing the image scale.
  • Keep the date/time in the file title, even if log files are required. This may look like this: 20180323_000100, so: YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.

  • Video format (MP4, AVI, MKV). Resolution. Filename(date)

Example project Pyramid

Intro / Create your own project

Vid1 tn240.png

This part of the manual will define what is needed to create a T-Analyst project, and walk you through the process.

A short informative video on the process of making an actual T-Analyst project, presenting the default directory path and running through the process of importing videos, both as single test video as well as multiple videos with an attached calibration.


vid2 tn 240.png

A video going through the basic navigation in T-Analyst. The creation of detections and the navigation inbetween videorecordings and detections. And also a quick look at the filter feature.

Making Trajectories

vid3 tn 240.png

This video demonstrates the actual process of creating trajectories, focusing on important key bindings and good-to-know buttons to make the process efficiant.

Key binding Cheat sheet
CTRL+Mouse-wheel Move road user back/forth -------------------------------------------------------------
Shift+Mouse-wheel Move road user left/right -------------------------------------------------------------
CTRL+Shift+Mouse wheel Rotate road user -------------------------------------------------------------
Helpful tools
Zoom View > Display > Zoom View -------------------------
Record filter > Display > Settings -------------------------
Clear filter > Data > Filter > Clear filter -------------------------
Quick navigation > Double click, Recording/Frame -------------------------


Vid5 tn240.png

This video demonstrates the calibration process using the T-Calibration software.