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GTV SEO / 7 experiences of Western guests before each other to Vietnam

Some mistakenly think of Vietnam as a country that was miserable after the war, few beautiful scenes or English "blind" indigenous people often transmitted by experienced Western travelers to change the way they perceive.

For the first time in Vietnam, many Western tourists are often afraid and confused when visualizing the distant S-shaped land. They also have many misconceptions because they have never been to and interact with Vietnamese people. According to the experience of the previous compatriots, Western travelers often transmit the lessons and notes below.

1. The country is not too poor travel-viet-nam.jpg Most Western travelers who have never been Travel Vietnam know that this is a remote country on the other side of the globe with blonde, black-haired people. The fierce wars that took place in the past made most of them think the whole country was still very poor and needy. This also means an increase in crime and robbery.

Even some older American tourists who first came to Vietnam were worried that the former war was the reason why they could be discriminated against by indigenous people. Contrary to these visions, visitors from the other half of the globe are often surprised to come to Vietnam and see a modern, innovative country and friendly people.

2. Vietnamese people often use English

Due to geographic, cultural and linguistic differences, many Western travelers often think it will be difficult to communicate in Vietnam. In fact, most of them expressed surprise about the popularity of English when traveling to this country. An American national tourist named Bruce Wilcox also tells a story of meeting the natives when walking on the Sword Lake with an open and confident attitude.

“When I was resting on a bench, a student approached me and told me stories about Hanoi. His English is not really standard but quite fluent. He also does not require payment or solicitation to buy things, simply want to practice English, ”54-year-old tourist shared.

3. Stay away from the street vendors

Unfortunately, like Mr. Wilcox, the majority of Western visitors to Vietnam are often considered to be the "bait" of street vendors on the big streets. Before coming to this S-shaped land, they are also often advised to stay away from peddlers who invite, invite, and be absolutely careful with accessories such as cameras, phones, wallets.

4. Service prices can be expensive "exorbitant"

Almost every region with a large number of tourists, shops, shops selling products or services also maintain two different prices in parallel. In Hoi An, you can easily buy flip flops for 50,000 VND if you are Vietnamese. But with the appearance of blue-eyed blonde and Vietnamese grooving, the price can be twice as expensive.

This problem is often wary of Western tourists wary of each other and share many tips to bargain. The most common way is to carefully ask the price before using the service or buying the product. Some service evaluation websites are also thoroughly used by them.

5. Preventing being cheated

With the difference in language, many Western tourists once fell into a confusing situation between VND 15,000 and VND 50,000 (fifteen thousand dong and fifty thousand dong). Many people complain about the situation when asking for a coconut or shoe shine service, the seller answered "VND 15,000" to quickly be agreed. But when they took out their payment wallets, they were stunned because they were asked to get 50,000 VND. The secret is summarized by Western tourists is the key to the denomination banknote at the agreed rate before using the service.

6. Don't be discouraged when you fall

As a popular means of transportation in Vietnam, almost every Western tourist loves to explore this land on a motorbike. However, due to unfamiliar roads, not much experience in handling the situation, many people had to suffer from bandages or limp legs for a while after a trip to Sa Pa or to visit Mui Ne because of falling, falling and falling. car. Assessing the level of danger, most of them still expressed that riding a motorbike is an unforgettable experience and they still want to try it when coming to Vietnam.

7. Vietnam is large and has many beautiful scenes

Before coming to Vietnam, some Western tourists used to think that this land was very small, still poor and not many beautiful scenes. However, Steven - an American tourist who first came to Vietnam earlier this year, said he spent 11 days and nights traveling by road from the North to the South.

“This is very different from the trip from New York to Los Angeles. Throughout Vietnam, you will encounter countless beautiful scenes and it is best to spend about 3 weeks to go gradually, "Steven shared. He also emphasized that if only about 1-2 weeks, Western visitors should focus on only one region such as the North or South Vietnam and devote the whole time to explore and experience.