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Codea's example projects

Codea version 1.5.1 comes with 31 built-in example projects, each of which illustrates one or more aspects of using Codea. They are:

ProjectNoise-Small.png Noise by Simeon

This example uses the noise() function to draw a shaded grid. You can use the user parameters to change the way the noise function is sampled.

ProjectShapesSmooth-Small.png Shapes and Smooth by Simeon

This example shows how shapes respond to the smooth, noSmooth and noStroke settings.

ProjectStyles-Small.png Graphic Styles by Simeon

This example shows you how to alter the style of graphics, as well as use the pushStyle() and popStyle() functions.

ProjectEllipse-Small.png Ellipse Modes by Dylan Sale

This is an example of the different ellipse modes and how they work.

ProjectLines-Small.png Lines by Dylan Sale

This example shows you how to draw lines and use the different line styles.

ProjectTouch-Small.png Handling Touches by Simeon

This example shows you how to use the CurrentTouch global variable to get and respond to information about a single touch on the screen.

ProjectGravity-Small.png Gravity by Simeon

This example shows you how to use the Gravity vector, which tells you about the rotation of your device.

ProjectCloth-Small.png Cloth Simulation by Jason Boettcher

A verlet cloth simulation. Tilt your device to control the direction of the gravity and see the cloth move. Comments on the code are available here.

ProjectDrums-Small.png Drum Machine by Jonathan Brodsky

A drum machine that uses a selection of randomly generated sounds. Tap beats out on the board by touching the panels.

ProjectHelloMesh-Small.png Hello Mesh by John

This example shows you how to use the Mesh API to create efficiently rendered sprites and arbitrary triangle geometry.

ProjectPing-Small.png Ping by James Frost

A multiplayer Pong game. Tap to launch the ball and drag to control the paddles. First to five wins!

ProjectMandelbrot-Small.png Mandelbrot by Phillip Alvelda

The classic Mandelbrot fractal. Tap to zoom and double-tap to zoom out. Makes use of the image() class.

ProjectDungeonRoller-Small.png Dungeon Roller by Simeon

A little game designed to show off sprite rendering, accelerometer and sound effects. Tilt to move your hero. Tap the screen to attack. Pick up gems to increase your attack radius.

ProjectLuaJump-Small.png Lua Jump by Simeon

Jump as high as you can! Tap to make the Princess jump, then tilt to bounce from cloud to cloud.

ProjectSounds-Small.png Sounds Plus by Dylan Sale and Simeon

A utility for exploring simple and advanced sounds. Try using the integrated sound picker by tapping on the highlighted sound function. Comments on the code are available here.

ProjectMultiTouch-Small.png Multi Touch by Dylan Sale

A simple example of using the multitouch interface. Comments on the code are available here.

ProjectBrickout-Small.png Brickout by Andy Newton

A great Breakout-style game. Tap to start and then touch the edges of the screen to move the paddle.

ProjectBitInvader-Small.png Bit Invader by Simeon

A little game prototype. Touch the screen to more left and right. This example shows you how to use classes to make different types of objects, instantiate them, and interact with them.

ProjectSpritely-Small.png Spritely by Mark Summer

Spritely is a pixel-based image editor. You can use this to create graphics that can be imported in other projects.

ProjectAnagrams-Small.png Anagrams by Andrew Stacey

Drag letters to make a word from the list.

ProjectPhysics-Small.png Physics Lab by John Millard

This example shows you how to use the Physics API to create dynamic simulations. Run through each of the tests to see examples of features, and browse the associated code. Comments on the code are available here.

ProjectRollerCoaster-Small.png Roller Coaster by Andrew Stacey

A thrilling roller-coaster ride showing off the 3D capabilities of Codea. Touch the screen to look around, double-tap to pause. Comments on the code are available here.

Project3DLab-Small.png 3D Lab by James Frost and Simeon

This is an introduction to 3D rendering using Codea. It shows off primitive and mesh rendering in 3D using the perspective() and camera() functions.

ProjectImageIO-Small.png Image IO by Simeon

This looks at the features available in Codea for saving and reading images in code as well as in the Editor.

ProjectCargoBot-Small.png Cargo-Bot by Rui Viana

Explore the inner-workings of Cargo-Bot with this example project. The release version is available on the App Store.

ProjectVectorSprites-Small.png Vector Sprites by Simeon

This is a small demonstration of the vector sprite functionality.

ProjectBlendModes-Small.png Blend Modes by Simeon

This demonstrates the blendMode() function, which controls how drawing is blended in the Viewer.

ProjectParameters-Small.png Parameters by Simeon

This example shows how to use the parameter functions to create user-adjustable values in projects.

ProjectCamera-Small.png Camera by Simeon

This demonstrates the camera input type for sprites, images and meshes.

ProjectShaders-Small.png Shaders by John Millard and Simeon

This example demonstrates the GLSL ES shader functionality of Codea using some simple shaders.

ProjectAnimation-Small.png Animation by Simeon

This shows how to use the tween() function to animate variables over time with different easing parameters.