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The Codea Forums can be accessed via Getting Started on the Codea home page or in your browser at Ask your questions, post suggestions and share your work with other users.

Applying for membership

To add a comment to a discussion or start a new discussion, you need to be signed in as a member. To apply for membership, you will need to provide an email address, a username for the forums (which cannot be changed later) and a password to secure your account.

Creating and revising comments

Before they are posted, comments can be saved in draft (the Save Draft button), or previewed (the Preview button) to ensure that they formatted correctly.

Your draft comments can be found by pressing the My Drafts button at the top of the All Discussions page. Touching the content of a draft comment will bring up a Delete button that can be used to delete the draft comment.

You can edit your comments after they have been posted. However, it is considered unhelpful to delete comments after another user has responded to them.

Creating and revising discussions

A new discussion can be started by pressing the Start a New Discussion button. Discussions have a title, a category and a number of tags.

Your discussions can be found by pressing the My Discussions button at the top of the All Discussions page. Moving the mouse over a discussion will bring up an Options button that can be used to Edit the discussion (including changing the title, category or tags).

Formatting comments

Comments can be formatted using HTML tags or with PHP Markdown Extra. In particular:

Blocks of code can be formatted by putting it between matching 'fences' of three or more tilde (~) characters. For example:

function setup()
    -- Do something

Inline code can be formatted by putting it between backtick quotes (`). On an iPad keyboard, the backtick character can be typed by touching and holding the right single quotation (') key. For example:

The height is initially set to the full height of the screen, as `h = HEIGHT`.

Inline links can be formatting by putting the link text in square brackets ([ ]) followed by the link reference in round brackets. For example:

See [the Codea Wiki]( for more information.

You can alert another user to references to him or her in a comment by including an at sign character (@) before his or her username. For example:

Thank you, @Simeon, for your answer.

Horizontal rules can be created by putting three or more hyphen characters (-) on a line by themselves. For example:

This is the first part of my long comment.
This is the second part of my long comment.

Images on the world wide web that are free from copyright restrictions can be included in comments by using the HTML <img/> tag. (Markdown has no syntax for specifying the dimensions of an image.) Large images can be scaled to 100% to fit. For example:

This is a screen shot of the output of my code:

<img src="" width="100%"/>

Some members of the Codea Forums use Dropbox to host image files that they include in comments. Guidance on how to obtain an appropriate link to a file shared using Dropbox is available here.