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Core / Step by step projects

These projects take you through building a project, one step at a time. The idea is that it is much easier to understand a finished project if you can see it being built, step by step.

There are multiple code tabs, starting with the basics and becoming more complex as they progress. You can run each tab independently and examine the code behind it (you can select which tab to use, by running the project and using the controls at the left).

Copying the code Go to the link for each project and copy the code. Then open Codea, and press on the Add New Project button until you see the message "Paste into project", then press it. This will paste all the code into separate tabs for you.

The projects
Simple lunar lander game
Simple snake game
Simple asteroids game
Basic physics
Sliding puzzle uses gravity and tilting
Cosmic pinball a simple game using gravity
3D sphere and mapping earth and moon texture
Programming flying(from simple to advanced)
The template for these projects, containing some dummy code. It can be used to create more projects like these.