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Core / Utilities

These are utilities created by the Codea community to help with project development.

Backup Utilities

  • AutoGist - Version Control and automatic backup of projects with GitHub Gists (Original discussion on the Codea Forums)

  • Backup to DropBox - Version control that will backup to DropBox

  • GitClient - Interface for GitHub Git repositories.

UI Utilities

  • Soda 0.7 - Gorgeous and powerful UI library

  • Cider 1.6 - Elegant yet simple UI library

  • Cider 7 - Updated Cider controls for IOS 7

  • Cider 2 Windowed - Windowed UI creation for Codea

  • Windows Utility - Window UI in Codea

  • Grit 1 - Simple and easy to use button/pop-up UI library

  • Bleak - A button UI library with an easy way to use in your own projects

Graphics and Animation Utilities

Debugging Utilities

Misc Utilities