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These documents outline, from a developer’s perspective, the Unity Analytics Heatmaps plugin.

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As of May 2017, users can activate heatmaps via the Configure page on the Analytics dashboard.


DURING THE MONTHS OF MAY & JUNE ONLY, any user, regardless of license , can sign up!!! Go turn on heatmaps, people!


Heatmaps are an incredibly useful (and rather beautiful) visualization of spatial events. Where do players die? Where do they score kills? Where do they get stuck? By collecting the data from hundreds or thousands of plays, you begin to assemble a large-scale picture of how your users experience your game. The patterns that emerge can help you tune the game and improve things like game economy, difficulty curve, and even good ol’ fashioned fun.

Example Heatmap


Version History

Version 2

Version 2.0.2

  • Reintroduced an X509Certificate fix for windows users
  • Fixed some out-of-date text in the Raw Data Inspector demos

Version 2.0.1

  • Header line ending will always be UNIX terminator, not system dependent.

Heatmapper updates

  • True gradients
  • Added ability to remove all smoothing
  • Added new forms of separation
    • By unique user/device
    • By session
    • By platform
    • Debug vs. Non-debug
    • By arbitrary field (e.g., by level)
  • Remap color to an arbitrary field (e.g., 'fps'). Includes the following options:
    • Increment
    • Cumulative
    • Average
    • Min
    • Max
    • First
    • Last
    • Percentile
  • Retrieve data anywhere on your drive
  • Added the ability to map between two points (use this to see where a player was looking or what they shot)
  • Data masking by x, y or z coordinates to remove noise
  • Added 'hot tips' allow developer to mouse over individual points to the data that created the point.
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Various bug fixes
  • Removal of data fetching from server. This is now handled by the Raw Data Inspector

Added new Raw Data Inspector

  • Serves as a cURL client for Raw Data Export
    • Near-realtime raw data
    • See status of jobs
    • Link to dashboard
  • Test data generator
    • Generate random Custom Event data
    • Generate random Heatmap Data
    • Generate canned demo/tutorial data
    • Preview C# code that would send such events
  • Can save data to persistent data path or any arbitrary location
  • Separates raw data from Heatmaps

Version 1 (Deprecated)

Initial release