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Horizontal Scroll Snap


A paged scroll rect that can work in steps / pages, includes button support. Now also supports infinite scrolling.


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A scroll snap style control which is focused on a horizontal layout, enabling a paged view of child elements. Pages can be moved by keys, swipes or via the use of buttons.

Implements its own infinite scrolling method and additional events for when pages change.

As of Update 1.6, now also supports Scrollbars, Note Can only use the Horizontal scrollbar in alignment with the direction of the ScrollSnap


The properties of the Horizontal Scroll Snap control are as follows:

Property Description
Starting Screen The child page that should be displayed on start. Bound to the limits of either the scene child objects or the "Child Objects" array.
Page Step The distance between pages based on the current width of the control. Higher value equals more spacing.
Pagination The GameObject with a Toggle group that controls toggles active state. Recommended one toggle per-page.
Next Button Button to instruct the control to move to the next page.
Prev Button Button to instruct the control to move to the previous page.
Transition Speed Speed at which the control lerps between pages
Use Fast Swipe When enabled, a swipe only moves to the next page (unless below Fast Swipe Threshold. E.G. slow swipe / drag)
Fast Swipe Threshold An offset width the user must swipe to go to the next / prev page based on the panel width. Swipe more than the Height + Threshold and the control reverts to normal swipe behaviour
Swipe Velocity Threshold Slowest speed the control must travel at to settle on a page.
Mask Area Maskable area for control, pages outside this area will be made inactive. Used in conjunction with the Mask Buffer. Recommended to also add a RectMask2D to MaskArea GO.
Mask Buffer The amount of page buffer to surround the Mask Area and control which pages are active / inactive. Lower value equals more active pages.
Jump On Enable By default the container will lerp to the start when enabled in the scene, this option overrides this and forces it to simply jump without lerping
Restart On Enable By default the container will return to the original starting page when enabled, this option overrides this behaviour and stays on the current selection
Use Parent Transform When using prefabs in the ChildObjects array, the control with use the prefab transform values instead of resetting to the parent.
Child Objects An array of prefabs to load the control with. Can EITHER add children in to the scene or via this array but NOT both.
On Selection Change Start (event) The Event fired when the user starts changing the page via swipe or mouse
On Selection Page Changed (event) The Event fired when the current page changes, either via swipe, mouse, Next/Prev Buttons
On Selection Change End (event) The Event fired when the page settles after being changed by swipe or mouse

Additional properties available in code:

Property Return Type Description
CurrentPage int The current snapped page, or selected page as the user swipes


Like with other Layout controls, simply add this to the parent RectTransform for a collection of child elements through the Add Component menu as follows: "Add Component -> Layout -> Extensions -> HorizontalScrollSnap*"

Or alternatively, add the default layout for the control using:

"GameObject -> UI -> Extensions -> Horizontal Scroll Snap"

This will give you a standard Scroll Rect setup with the script and a single child example page.

To get access to the Current or snapped page in code, use the CurrentPage property details above. This is also updated as the user swipes. If you wish to update linked content based on the current page, I recommend using the OnSelectionPageChanged event, e.g.

    public HorizontalScrollSnap hss;

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        hss = GetComponent<HorizontalScrollSnap>();

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        //Checking for the Currentpage
        var theSelectedPageIs = hss.CurrentPage;

Video Demo

The main Vertical / Horizontal demo

View Intro Video

A simple walk-through setting up the Scroll Snap with a perspective view

Scroll Snap Perspective View Demo

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BinaryX, SimonDarksideJ

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