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A particle system control to render the native Unity 3D particle system in UI Space


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The default Unity 3D Particle system doesn't generally work in the UI space. It's possible to arrange the particle system between layers or fiddle around with WorldSpace canvases but the control isn't in your UI. With this control, it takes the rendered output of a 3D Particle system and regenerates it in UI space (the actual rendering of the Particle system is disabled so that it doesn't cause a performance impact)

NOTE The control does not yet support Trail Particles currently


The properties of the UI Particle System control are as follows: Requires Particle System

Property Description
Material Particle render material - Note several shaders have been provided in the Shaders folder, all called UI.. (also in UI Extensions / Particles / ... in the shader browser)
Color The color tint of the particles
Fixed Time Should the particles render in fixed or game time

Inherited from MaskableGraphic

  • Raycast Target
  • On Cull State Changed* (event)


Method Arguments Description
StartParticleEmission None Starts the particle system if currently stopped
StopParticleEmission None Stops the particle system and clears the particle cache. Destroys current particles in scene from the emitter
PauseParticleEmission None Pauses the particle system emission, existing particles continue to travel


Simply add the UI Particle System component to a UI object using the Game Component menu "UI / Effects / Extensions / UIParticleSystem". However, you will need to configure the particle system manually.

Alternatively, add a new Empty Game Object to a canvas, add the particle system and configure it how you like in the Scene view. Then add the "UIParticleSystem" component and scale your values to render correctly. If required, change the material to use one of the alternate shaders provided in the project in the "Shaders" folder or from "UI Extensions / Particles / ..." in the shader browser.

Note When you translate any 3D object to Canvas Space, it ALWAYS requires scaling up

Note 2 The control does not yet support Trail Particles currently

Video Demo

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UI Particle System Demo

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