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Welcome to the Unity UI Extensions Wiki page. This site documents all the current controls provided by the Unity UI Extensions project, their use and tips and tricks

have a suggestion to update these docs? Then either submit a PR yourself, or log an issue / proposal in the issues section

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For more info, here's a little introduction video for the project:

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Release 2019.1 (aka 2.1) Downloads - Current

We have expanded where you can download the UnityPackage asset and widened the options to contribute to the project.

I will still stress however, contribution is optional. The asset / code will always remain FREE

Download from Itch.IO Download from Itch.IO Download from Itch.IO
Grab from Itchio Obtain via Union Assets Support through Patreon

Still available on the BitBucket site if you prefer

To view previous releases, visit the release archive

Release Notes:

For the recent and full change history of the project, please review the change history in the release notes. Good for catching up on what's new

Controls and extensions listed in this project:

There are almost 70+ extension controls / effect and other utilities in the project which are listed on the following page:

Check out the control demos on our Tumblr page

UI Line Renderer UI Knob ScrollSnap
UI Line Renderer UI Knob Scroll Snap

UI Extensions controls list

Accordion ColorPicker SelectionBox UIFlippable ComboBox
AutoCompleteComboBox DropDownList BoundToolTip UIWindowBase UI_Knob
TextPic InputFocus Box Slider CooldownButton Segmented Control
UILineRenderer UILineTextureRenderer UICircle DiamondGraph UICornerCut
Horizontal Scroll Snap Vertical Scroll Snap Content Scroll Snap Horizontal Flow Layout Group Radial Layout
Tile Size Fitter Scroll Snap (alt implementation) Reorderable List UI Vertical Scroller Curved Layout
Table Layout FancyScrollView CardUI
Best Fit Outline Curved Text Gradient Gradient2 Letter Spacing
NicerOutline RaycastMask UIFlippable UIImageCrop SoftAlphaMask
CylinderText UIParticleSystem CurlyUI
VR Components
VRCursor VRInputModule
Input Modules
AimerInputModule GamePadInputModule
Additional Components
ReturnKeyTrigger TabNavigation uGUITools ScrollRectTweener ScrollRectLinker
ScrollRectEx UI_InfiniteScroll UI_ScrollRectOcclusion UIScrollToSelection UISelectableExtension
switchToRectTransform ScrollConflictManager CLFZ2 (Encryption) DragCorrector PPIViewer
UI_TweenScale UI_InfiniteScroll UI_ScrollRectOcclusion NonDrawingGraphic UILineConnector
UIHighlightable Menu Manager Pagination Manager

More to come

Supporting the UI Extensions project

If you wish to further support the Unity UI Extensions project itself, then you can either subsidise your downloads above, or contribute direct using the PayPal link below. All funds go to support the project, no matter the amount, donations in code are also extremely welcome :D

(PayPal account not required and you can remain anonymous if you wish)

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More Info

For more information about the project, please see the following pages: