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vinstall / creating a vector linux bootable usb stick

this is a fairly simple task. however care must be taken or you can very easily destroy all the data on your hard drive.

here is the step by step process

1) download a vector linux .iso

2) open a terminal and cd to the directory where the iso is located

cd /home/directory/of/iso

3) insert your usb stick (1 gigabyte or larger) and find its assignment

fdisk -l

4) create the actual bootable usb stick

dd if=/directory/to/iso/nameofvector.iso of=/directory/of/usb

for example

dd if=/home/wigums/VL64-7.1-STD-B0.50.iso of=/dev/sdb

and thats it. once dd has run its course (which will take a couple minutes) you now have a bootable usb stick