Issue in scene demonicFortress stage confrontInfernalLord

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Former user created an issue

I found a issue in a Chosen scene.

Choosing Fight option (only one available) returns blank combat screen of /#/play/combat

I was playing as a gay male character. The url was #/play/scene/demonicFortress/confrontInfernalLord

Rendered Scene Text

At long last. You are face to face with Dzoavits the vile infernal lord of the demons and originator of the blight.

He is standing just a few feet away from his throne. Bent over in front of the demon lord is an enchantingly gorgeous incubus whose large erect cock she is riding. Unconcerned about your appearance Dzoavits continues to bang him from behind. His powerful muscles quiver as he pumps his huge demonic cock into her welcoming ass and he moans with pleasure. His two huge balls swing back and forth. They seem to expand filling with blighted fluids to further dominate and corrupt.

"Ahh, so you made it at last" the archdemon says as you enter his throne room. "I was wondering how long it would take Lucion's latest pawn to reach me."

"It does not matter. While most do not make it this far you are not the first. Just another unknowing slave sent as a challenge to my reign."

Dzoavits's cock explodes into an orgasm releasing a tide of fluids into the incubus. A torrent of his oily cum spills onto the floor easily overflowing the incubus's generous ass. The incubus quivers in excitement as the fluid transforms him further bulging his muscles and enhancing every bit of his being. The demon king pulls his cock out of him and turns towards you. His huge erect member now directed firmly at you.

"With every orgasm, my army becomes stronger. Perhaps that is why you have come? To submit yourself to my taint? It would be a far wiser cause than the one you have been drafted into. But I suppose you don't really have a choice. Once I break the spell around my aura will entrap you and you too will be battling among my minions for the right to be let me use your ass".

The king gestures to the incubus who leaves the room through a back door. You don't stop him. Fewer combatants are to your advantage.

There is something entrancing about Dzoavits's words. They hold power. For a moment you almost consider abandoning your quest. But then the drive awakens within you. The force compelling you to go ever eastward. The soul of your quest. Now is the moment of glory. Strike down the foul demon!

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  1. Hyper Pandora repo owner

    Thanks for the bug report. I have replicated the bug and should be able to fix it soon.

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