Issue in scene heartOfTheForest stage confrontLOTF

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Issue #3 resolved
Former user created an issue

I found a issue in a Chosen scene.

HERS upper body?!?

I was playing as a straight male character. The url was #/play/scene/heartOfTheForest/confrontLOTF

Rendered Scene Text

A huge figure looms before you. She is massive, easily 7 or eight feet tall. Hers upper body is humanoid but hers lower body is that of a stag. A pair of huge breasts protruded from her well-toned abdomen, bouncing hypnotically as she approaches you. She has a prominent pussy just below her humanoid torso. It is surrounded by an elaborately designed tattoo that glows bright green with magical power as she approaches.

There is something not quite right about her. While forest spirits are naturally sexual creatures this one's features are too prominent and its lust and aggression are tangible in the air. This must be the work of the blight.

The guardian of the forest pauses a short distance away from you and begins to speak in a hypnotic melodious voice. "I am Geirrún, guardian of this place. You have trespassed upon sacred grounds and now you must pay. My pussy will suck you dry of your life force and I will offer it as fertilizer to the forest. "

It seems the blight has robbed her of reason and compassion. You have little choice but to battle for your life.

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  1. Hyper Pandora repo owner

    This is caused by an issue with the tag system due to an ambiguity in English.

    The male pronoun "his" translates to two different female pronouns "her" and "hers". I didn't realize that when I was first writing the system so you can put tags like [lotf.his] into the scene, which shouldn't be allowed because the parser can't know if it should become her or hers when the lotf is female.

    Anyhow. It's a simple fix, I just have to replace all the [lotf.his] with either [lotf.her] or [lotf.hers].

    Thanks for reporting the bug. It should be fixed in the next version.

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