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Real Time Profile v0.3

RTP is a must-have solution to get system infos and track performance at runtime.

Get infos at run time and generate reports with your hardware info, supported features and performance.

Tracked Data

Performance Data

Show some data about performance on run time. Battery Temperature, Battery Temperature, Battery Level, Time Since Startup, Time Since Level Load, Current FPS (Frames Per Second), Lasp FPS (Frames Per Second), Current SPF (Seconds Per Frames), Average SPF (Seconds Per Frames), Percent of Mono Memory being Used, Percent of Unity Memory being Used.

Hardware Info

Show some infos about your current system:

Unity Version, Device Type, Device Model, Device Name, Quality Index, GPU Type, GPU Vendor, GPU Name, Graphic Memory Size, System memory Size, Supported Shader Level, Processor Type, Processor Count and Processor Frequency, Full Screen, Current Resolution, DPI, Supported Resolutions.

Supported Features

Resume what features are supported by your current system:

Copy Texture Support, nPot Support, Support Array Textures, Supports Sparse Textures, Supports Texture Wrap Mirror Once, Max Texture Size, Supports 3DRender TExtures, Supports Cubemap Array Textures, Support Render To Cubemap, Max Cubemap Size, Support Compute Shaders, Support Motion Vectors, Supports Image Effects, Supports GPU Instancing, Supports Raw Shadow Depth Sampling, Supports Shadows, Supports Vibration, Supports Gyroscope, Supports Accelerometer, Supports Audio, Supports Location Service.


Easy to use

Add the component "Real Time Profiler" into a Game Object or use the prefab "RealTimeProfiler".

Dockable Interface

You can change where to dock UI windows.


Frequency to update your Data. We recommend the value of 1 since lower values can lead to a meaningful impact on performance.


When "Generate Report" is checked, Real Time Profiler generates a file with Hardware Info, Resolution and Supported Features. The file name will be the device model followed by "_HardwareInfo.txt". The file will be saved into your device persistentDataPath.



v0.6 - Add CPU/GPU time to Performance Data (Planned)

v0.5 - BetterUI (Planned)

v0.4 - Plot Graphics (Planned)

v0.3 - Added Battery Info. Fixed Minor Issues.

v0.2 - Generate Report

v0.1 - Initial Version