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NuclearThroneTogether / Loading mods

Downloading mods

Make a new directory called "mods" in your Nuclear Throne directory or it's AppData directory (where the save file is).

Making a "mods" directory in Nuclear Throne' directory.png

Then place/unzip the downloaded mods there.

Installed mods in "mods" directory.png

Important: When downloading text-y files from pastebin/bitbucket/dropbox/etc., watch out - your browser might attempt to save them as text files (some.mod.gml.txt instead of some.mod.gml). Change the type to "all files" and make sure and make sure that the extension ends with .gml.

Loading mods

Mods can come in several forms.

  • A single some.type.gml file:

    Do /loadmod some.type. The .gml suffix is not required, but the .type (.mod, .weapon, .crown, etc.) is.

    There are load commands for every .type, if you use the appropriate command then you won't have to specify .type when loading mods (/loadmod for .mod, /loadwep for .wep or .weapon, /loadcrown for .crown, etc.).

  • A single some.type.gml file next to some sounds/images/folders:

    Same as above - the file will be loading those.

  • A single text (some.txt) / config (some.cfg) file next to other files.

    Do /loadtext some. If there's also a folder called some, you'll need to be specific (/loadtext some.txt).

    You can also use /load instead of /loadtext, shorthand for the same command.

  • A folder (some)

    If the folder contains a text/config file called main, do /loadtext some or /load some - that will automatically load the main.txt/main.cfg in the folder some.

    If the folder contains some other text/config file (say, conf.txt), do /loadtext some/conf.

    If the folder doesn't have that either, but has one or more .gml files (say, one.race.gml), load them like /loadmod some/one.race.

    Otherwise either you are overlooking something, or it might be missing some file(s).

  • Loading mods on startup

    Create a text file by or in your mods folder and call it startup.txt. Put the commands for loading any mods you want to always have loaded, makes sure you use separate lines.

    Keep in mind that this doesn't work in multiplayer.

Organizing mods

As you accumulate more and more mods in the mods directory, it might become desirable to start organizing them.

For that you would move them into subdirectories and prepend names/paths - for example, if you have some.txt inside a test directory inside the mods directory, you would do /loadtext test/some.