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NuclearThroneTogether / Scripting / Mods / skin.gml

Nuclear Throne Together' versions starting from 9893 and above allow you to define custom skins for preexisting characters (both default and custom ones).

This is done by creating a file in game's main or appdata directory and loading it via /loadskin your-skin-name. To avoid name clashes, it is recommended that you name your skin files distinctively and/or include the related race' name in the file name. The file can #define the following scripts to be called by the game:


Must return the race ID that the skin is for. Can be either a numeric ID for built-in races or a string ID for custom ones.


Executed from each player instance of the matching skin after everyone picked characters and the game is starting. This is where you initialize player-specific global variables.


Executed from each player instance of the matching skin upon creation. This is where you you set sprites, sounds, and character-specific properties. For example,

#define create
spr_idle = sprSpookyBanditIdle;
spr_walk = sprSpookyBanditWalk;
spr_hurt = sprSpookyBanditHurt;
spr_dead = sprSpookyBanditDead;

Keep in mind that this also executes when a player is revived;

See Player' variables for a complete list of built-in variables that you can mess with.


May return a snippet of text to display when mouseovering the skin button.

Receives the fact of availability as argument0.


May return the large portrait art for loadout/pause menu. Receives player index as argument0.


May return whether the skin is currently available (true) or locked (false).

In other words, check the unlock condition(s) here.


Will be called on skin selection button and should set sprite/etc. Receives availability (true/false) as argument0.


Gets the player index as argument0 and should return the map icon sprite.


If defined, serves as a "remapper" for sprites - that is, it receives a sprite index as argument0, and may return a sprite index that should be used instead. Currently it is called for race/skin-specific sprites such as character sprites, Crystal's shield, Eyes' indicator, Horror' projectiles, etc.

It would usually be just a switch-block full of return statements,

#define init
// ...
global.spr_shield = sprite_add("tree-shield.png", 6, 32, 42);
global.spr_shield_disappear = sprite_add("tree-shield-disappear.png", 5, 32, 42);

#define skin_sprite
switch (argument0) {
    case sprShield: return global.spr_shield;
    case sprShieldDisappear: return global.spr_shield_disappear;
    // ...


May return a tip for display on the loading screen.

If the result is valid (array of strings or a string), overrides the race-specific tip.