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You can use FlashDevelop for creating/editing Nuclear Throne Together' mods.

FlashDevelop is a fairly advanced editor, spotting syntax highlighting, auto-completion, code analysis, and numerous other features for large projects in supported programming languages.

However, it also supports user-defined syntax highlighting files:


While the auto-completion it offers in such cases is simple, it is still helpful for NTT modding.


  1. Download the scheme (v9879).

  2. Unzip into %LOCALAPPDATA%\FlashDevelop\Settings\Languages (can be pasted into Explorer' "address bar").

  3. Restart FlashDevelop.


Updating the syntax highlighting file is done as following:

  1. Do /gmlapi in chat in NTT.

    This will generate a number of files in %LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone/api directory (you can paste that path into Explorer' "address bar").

  2. Open the files starting with raw-. Can also do this in FD itself.

  3. Open the earlier copied GML.xml in FD' AppData directory.

  4. Replace the list inside <keyword-class name="gml-functions"> with that from raw-functions.gml.

  5. Replace the list inside <keyword-class name="gml-constants"> with that from raw-constants.gml.

  6. Replace the list inside <keyword-class name="gml-variables"> with that from raw-variables.gml.

  7. Replace the list inside <keyword-class name="gml-assets"> with that from raw-assets.gml.

  8. Restart FlashDevelop for changes to take effect.

If all was done correctly, the new entries will highlight accordingly, most noticeable on the raw- files themselves (which would show up entirely in the according color).

Additional information

  • You can edit colors via menu: "Tools" - "Syntax highlighting"