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You can use Notepad++ for creating/editing Nuclear Throne Together mods.

Notepad++ is fairly lightweight code editor for Windows, which supports syntax highlighting, code folding, and user-defined language definitions.

While it does not offer auto-completion or other advanced features, it is a decent option for working with NTT.

This is a page about an "official" syntax highlighting file for it:



  1. Download the scheme (v9879).
  2. Unzip somewhere.
  3. Pick menu "Language" - "Define your language" (on the bottom).
  4. A window or a docked panel should appear. There, click "Import" on top-left, and pick your unzipped XML file.
  5. Restart Notepad++

Now, whenever you open a GML file, the variables/functions/constants in it will be highlighted accordingly.


When there are additions to NTT's scripting API, you might want to keep your configuration up-to-date.

That is done as following:

  1. Do /gmlapi in chat in NTT.

    This will generate a number of files in %LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone/api directory (you can paste that path into Explorer' "address bar").

  2. Open all of the files starting with "raw-". Can also do this in Notepad++ itself.

  3. Pick menu "Language" - "Define your language" in Notepad++.

  4. Pick "GameMakerLang" in the dropdown on top left.

  5. Pick "Keywords lists" tab.

  6. Erase the "2nd group" field' contents (Right-click - "Select all" - Backspace), paste raw-functions.gml' contents into it.

  7. Similarly put raw-constants.gml' contents into "3rd group" field.

  8. Similarly put raw-variables.gml' contents into "4rd group" field.

  9. Similarly put raw-objects.gml' contents into "5th group" field.

  10. Similarly put raw-sprites.gml' contents into "6th group" field.

  11. Similarly put raw-sounds.gml' contents into "7th group" field.

  12. Restart Notepad++ to ensure that changes are flushed.

If all was done correctly, the new entries will highlight accordingly, most noticeable on the raw- files themselves (which would show up entirely in the according color).

Additional information

  • If you are using a non-standard editor color scheme, you can edit the colors via the same "User defined languages" popup.