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It's a Bitbucket Server Repository Hook to trigger any HTTP Request (GET, POST, PUT) that also supports basic authentication.

The story of this plugin is as follows:

I stumbled over a problem were I wanted to have a post-receive hook to trigger some Jenkins without having a clone of this repository laying around. The Stash Jenkins plugin (Stash Post-Receive Webhook to Jenkins) that is available is nice but unfortunately has the requirement that I have to have a clone of that repository laying around.

With this simple plugin you can trigger Jenkins by doing the following and not having to clone the repo:

  1. Get your API-Token in the Jenkins user settings
  2. Configure the URL in the Stash Plugin (http://jenkins.url/job/my_job_title/build
  3. Set the username to your username
  4. Set the password to the API-Token key
  5. Enjoy!