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Simple repository for the NCL.plist generator script for TextWrangler codeless language module.

Download the plist file (right click and download) here or from the NCL site.

Then move the file to either

~/Library/Application\ Support/TextWrangler/Language\ Modules/
/Library/Application\ Support/TextWrangler/Language\ Modules/

If TW is open, quit and restart.

#Using the CLM

This plist enables syntax coloring within TW as well as some navigation aspects.

example coloring

TW will automatically detect .ncl files, if for some reason it doesn't or you want to change the language. NCL will be available at the bottom of the window in the language selection menu.
language selector language selection

Function selector and navigation

In 6.2x and 6.3 the ability to jump between functions was added and then improved slightly.

At the top of the document functions and procedures will be listed.
function selector

As well as this, 'Go -> Reveal Start' and 'Go -> Reveal End' menu items will skip to the start and end of functions/procedues.

Whole functions and procedures can also be "folded" using the triangles in the gutter at the side of the editor window. folded code


As of April 1st 2015, the "Un/Comment Selection" menu now works. Typical shortcut is CMD / This will comment or uncomment the line if no selection or each line within a selection.

Have fun!