windowed launch puts game in center of 3 monitors

Issue #113 wontfix
Shadd Parker created an issue

I have a monitor above two other monitors. When the game lauches in windowed mode, the game screen is centered in them all making it very hard to get the game to the main monitor if I have the third off. Should default to being on default monitor only.

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  1. Shadd Parker reporter

    The problem is that with 3 monitors, I don't always have the third on since it is a TV as well. Then I have to turn that on, and slide the window down.

  2. James Wright repo owner

    I'm not certain that this is an issue that we can fix tbh. I will do some investigation when I have time for sure.

  3. Gary Scott

    I think it might be the way Windows itself decides where to open applications.

    I have 3 windows, each with a taskbar on. If I open a program on the middle monitor using the middle monitors taskbar shortcut - it will open up on the right or left, sometimes the centre one....

    Windows itself seems to not know what window you opened the program and just guesses where to put it, I think.

    I am a windows 10 Insider and run Windows 10. I have created an insider bug report of sorts to suggest that this particular feature be enabled in future release. It was upvoted a few times by the community so hope it got enough votes for them to consider implementing in final or future releases.

  4. Pavilon

    The option to maximize in windowed mode would be a nice feature as well. My client does not give me the option.

  5. James Wright repo owner

    Unfortunately this isn't something we can change. It's the way windows is dealing with the program. In 2.0 I will try to figure out a work around to force it onto one screen.

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