Bug Report Wndow Refreshes Itself When Attaching Files & Scroll Bar Disappears

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J created an issue

I've tried several times to report a trivial bug, and every time I try to add an attachment the Submit Bug window will refresh itself, clearing all data that was put into the report (empty title & description, all catagories reset to default). Additionally, the scroll bar disappears.

After clicking "Select files", the file browser does not open "on top" of the game interface. I must ALT + TAB to the desktop to access the file browser. After selecting the desired file and clicking open, I then click on the STN icon on the windows taskbar to return to the game menu, only to find the issue mentioned above.

I cannot scroll down on the Submit Bug page with the mouse wheel, arrow keys, numpad, W A S D, or page up/down. I'm forced to restart the client and try again. I've tried running the client in normal mode and as administrator, same result.

I would love to submit a screenshot, however that's simply not possible for me at this time. Unfortunately I'm unable to attach a dxdiag file as well. System specs are as follows: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (patches fully up to date) Intel i7 4970k @ 4.0ghz processor 16gb Corsair memory EVGA Nvidia 460 GTX video card Samsung 512gb SSD

Game Settings (hey, you never know): Fullscreen 1920 x 1080 Ultra graphics V-sync off GUI-scale medium Sound at default settings (max) Sound muted via the icon in the lower right corner of the main menu

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  1. J reporter

    Update: This issue also occures when trying to attach files after creating the report. Identical to the initial report, except for one thing. After clicking "Attach" in the upper right corner of the submitted bug report, an "Attach Files" popup window appears. However, after clicking "Choose files" I again must ALT + TAB to the desktop to access the file browser, and the process repeats.

  2. Num 47

    Yes, I can confirm as I have posted this myself :-P

    But Montauk has done in more detail :-D

    FYI: Strat posted a link to this site to access through your web browser until this bug is fixed. If you wish to attach screens or videos of bugs.

  3. J reporter

    Yeah thanks, I literally JUST thought of that as I closed the client. Went to my email and saw your reply. Cheers!

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