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sbbdep / install_sbbdep

Current version 0.2.5

The version 0.2.5 of sbbdep runs on Slackware 14.1 or newer.

A Slackbuild available at

Installing from source:



 tar xfv sbbdep-0.2.5.tar.gz
 cd sbbdep-0.2.5

after a successful build you can either run make install (DESTIR is supported) or use the binary form sbbdep-0.2.5/bin folder.

To build from source, sbbdep requires boost (header only ), which is part of Slackware.

Version 0.2.5 is equal to 0.2.4 but the build of 0.2.4 on 32bit Version of Slackware is broken.

If you run 0.2.4 on 64 bit there is no need to update

Previous version

The version 0.2.3 of sbbdep runs on Slackware 14 or newer.

Building sbbdep:

sbbdep needs a4sqlt3 which is also available on bitbucket. An easy way for downloading the source distribution including dependencies is getting the source bundle of the actual veriosn here:

An additional build dependency is boost (header only parts), which is part of Slackware.

The bundle can be build with CMake.
cd into the sbbdep_slk directory and configure the build.


The -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr is only required if you plan to run make install.

After configure the build, simply run make


The sbbdep binary will be created in the bin subfolder of sbbdep_slk and can be used from there or any other location.

But of course ther is also the install option.

 make install

this will install the binary and some reamde file in the expected locations.

Binary package

A binary package of an older version is available here: