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Welcome to spkgs

spkgs, Slackware packages is my personal collection of build-scripts for my Slackware Linux installation.

#The SlackBuild scripts: #

To get the list of available script in this repository visit:


The build scripts
All the scripts are self containing, this means running a script will not just build the package but also download the source if it is not available. There are also some configuration option via environment variables.
More about the build scripts and how to use them.

Partial build
There is a way to run a script in parts, like
test the download
test extract and/or patch
test make install and/or fix install
.. I think you got the picture.
This is useful for writing scripts that are expensive to build, and therefore this feature exists.
See partial build description

Generate tratitional slackbuilds scripts
Since I understand that not every on may like my personal build-script format, there is a restyle script available.
The restyle scripts removes everything special from a build-script and generates the slack-desc file, so that the build script will look fairly familiar like a 'standard' build-script from Slackware or
Documentation how restyle is working..

If you find any issues with the build scripts, please use the issue tracker
or inform me by mail, my mail address is in every build script.

Additional information


Currently I try to keep the builds as actual as possible, and test them on the latest Slackware release and current but since maintaining those scripts is a bit of a time eater there can be some delay.
Also, I am focused on the software I am using, so not all builds might be on the newest version.

###Note### If there is a script on, there is no reason or advantage by using a script from here.
Except that it is possible I have updated a build and have therefore a newer version or it differs in some details.

Some reasons why I maintain those scripts (and why they might also be interesting for you).

  • I use a software as a user and therefore I want to be able to build it myself.
  • I use the software as a developer, and therefore I want to know how to build it
  • I might add more documentation since I possibly need it offline for development.
  • I need also static libraries, and not just dynamic ones.
  • I need control over the version and configuration of a package.
  • I find some software interesting and therefore make a bookmark for it by writing a build script.
  • There is possible no other build-script available

Some reasons why the scripts look like as they do:

  • I want to be able to change/apply compiler flags without open a build file.
  • It is sometimes useful to just run a part of a build script, like extract / patch, or just make install
  • I prefer to have all info required/available in one file.
  • I like the idea that the build script also downloads the source code if it is not available.