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Welcome to the wiki for OOMMPPAA: Directed synthesis and data analysis tool.

Try online:

  1. Install the Active ICM plugin
  2. Go ahead and try the functionality online using openly available data.

Personal use (windows):

  1. Install the Active ICM plugin.

  2. Run the windows installer. Install here!

  3. Launch the GUI!

More detailed instructions available here

Personal use (linux and mac):

  1. Install the Active ICM plugin.

  2. Download the source code

  3. Install the dependencies

  4. Run the tornado server and view in a browser

Specific instructions on setting this up for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS are shown here.

And MacOSX 10.8.5 are shown here

Loading data and processing:

Loading data can be done using 1) The user interface 2) The command line tool

Instructions here

Using docker

We have provided a Docker image for setting up an OOMMPPAA development environment and a server for OOMMPPAA

This can be found on Dockerhub and instructions here

Setting up as a server:

Here we have instructions for setting up an OOMMPPAA server on Ubuntu. This setup makes it possible to give site wide access to the tool and would be best if a group of people want to use the same data.


Why is the ActiveICM window frozen or hovering over all the web pages?

I'm afraid this is a known bug with the plugin that we are using. You will have to close the window down.

Why doesn't it work?

I'm sorry! E-mail the mailing list and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is a mac version available?

There are plans to make a Mac installer. At the moment you can download the source code and install the required dependencies.