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Welcome to libmabuff 1.0 wiki!

libmabuff (or MABuffer) is a simple C++ library for creating “textual graphics”. While it's not as complex, stable nor portable as ncurses, it provides a simple way to create TUIs.

MABuffer is based on termbox (link), hence it has the same strengths and weaknesses (notably the great Unicode support and low portability – it runs only on Linux).

At the time, there's only reference manual on this wiki. You can find everything important for programming with libmabuff there. If you are, however, looking for an example of use, I recommend you seeing the test files in the repo. I'm sure you will find them ;).

Notable features

2013-05-27, one year after the first commit, libmabuff was declared as “relatively stable” and released in version 1.0. While it's not as featurefull as I wish it to be, it can be already used for some simpler applications.

The most notable features, as of version 1.0, are:

  • Zones, rectangular areas you can insert content in in multiple styles, also layerable and semi-automatically printed.
  • Input of single characters (or even functional keys), but also of whole strings with configurable delimiter, cursor and horisontal scrolling;
  • Color flags that not only color the zones, but allow for color masks.

Find more in the reference!


This is a screenshot from Logik – a Czech Mastermind clone – made with libmabuff. It might take some time to load.

![Logik Screenshot] (img/logik_screenshot.png "Quite nice, isn't it?")