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Thank you for visiting Total Backup's Wiki page. This is where you can read important information about the Total Backup project. I hope you will find it useful and get an answer to all the questions you may have about Total Backup. If not, you're welcome to send me an email at I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible.


What permissions does Total Backup require and why does it need them?

  1. Read and write contacts permissions are needed to backup and restore contact joins and groups
  2. Read and write call log permissions are needed to backup and restore call logs
  3. Read and write to external storage permissions are required to allow reading and writing of (backup) files to the external storage of the device. (they are requested even if the device does not have external storage)
  4. Automatic start on boot permission is needed in order to reinstall the scheduler after each reboot (Android automatically cleans all scheduled tasks when rebooting)
  5. Internet and network state access permissions are required for Google AdMob and Google Analytics services
  6. Depending on the store Total Backup is downloaded from there may be other In-app purchase related permissions.

Seems Total Backup uses a lot of personal information? Is it safe?

All of the personal data used by Total Backup is stored on the actual device or on its external storage. It never leaves your device or its memory card. All personal data (like contacts or call log) saved by Total Backup is always under your control. Services like Google Analytics collect usage data (just as they do for any website you visit) and can be disabled in Settings. (for more details on Googe Analytics you can view their privacy policy by visiting