Failed to execute "gimp "/tmp/P1170357-3.tif"": L’exécution du processus fils « gimp » a échoué (Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type)

Issue #234 resolved
t.guillermin created an issue

With the latest git version (db547671e), under ubuntu 20.10, gimp does not launch. In the <<>> file, Correcting the call to the Glib::spawn_async function of the following function:

bool spawnCommandAsync(const Glib::ustring &cmd)


try {

// const auto encodedCmd = Glib::filename_from_utf8(cmd);

// Glib::spawn_command_line_async(encodedCmd.c_str());

// Glib::spawn_async("", Glib::shell_parse_argv(cmd), rtengine::subprocess::get_env());

Glib::spawn_async("", Glib::shell_parse_argv(cmd), rtengine::subprocess::get_env(), Glib::SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH_FROM_ENVP);


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