Long snapshot names disturb interface

Issue #238 resolved
Paul Matthijsse created an issue

Hi, open a raw, make a snapshot with a description of 250 chars long (or whatever, but long), hit enter and the left pane takes the width of the description, no way to make it smaller. When another photo was opened already (in another tab), the pane gets the same width, with the exception that this one can be made smaller. But the pane in our long snapshot tab doesn’t change after this action. Deleting the snapshot doesn’t help. I need to close the photo, then reopen to get back to normal.

Possible solution: allow snapshots over multiple lines or do not allow snapshots to change the size of the pane. In that case, long snapshots can still be read by manually changing the pane width.

Update. Also funny, make a snapshot with a description of 200 words…

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