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Issue #246 resolved
Paul Matthijsse created an issue

Hello, there’s a little problem with the exif info (shift+I), it says not available, although it is of course, see screenshot. Some thumbnails only show the file name, others file name + exif. Opening one of the last in the editor gives the same: exif info not available.

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  1. Paul Matthijsse reporter

    Sorry, can’t upload raw files here and they must be smaller than 1MB.

    So I thought to resize the raw and save it as jpg and upload that one, but there the exif is shown as usual…

    I’ll recompile ART to see if it gets back to its normal behaviour.

  2. agriggio repo owner


    You can also use the forum in this case. Without a way to reproduce, there's not much I can do unfortunately…

  3. t.guillermin


    I have the same problem,.

    when I use Verbose=1 in option, I get this message:

    EXIV2 ERROR: Invalid tag name or ifdId `RFLensType', ifdId 28

  4. t.guillermin


    I found this in the EXIV2 documentation:

    Constructor to create an Exif key from a key string.



    Error: if the first part of the key is not 'Exif' or the remainin parts of the key cannot be parsed and converted to a group name and tag name.

    In the rtengine/imagedata.cc file, I made this change:

      const auto find_exif_tag =
            [&](const std::string &name) -> bool
                try {
                    pos = exif.findKey(Exiv2::ExifKey(name));
                    return (pos != exif.end() && pos->size());                
                } catch (std::exception &e) {
                    if (settings->verbose) {                        
                        std::cerr << "find_exif_tag(" << name << "): " << e.what() << std::endl;
                    return false;

    And after deleting the ART directory from the linux cache, it's OK.

  5. t.guillermin

    I updated the exiv2 with source file version 0.27.5 (exiv2-0.27.5-Source.tar.gz), RFLensType is now set.
    Before, I tried by downloading the source from github but the toLong function of the Value class (value.hpp) was replaced by toUint32. This causes an ART compilation error.


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