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#TraceSorting V2 This was an example project used to demonstrate how to use Traceability V2 in a solution.

However, I created the Traceability Tutorial to demonstrate how to start with some base classes, and use the Traceability libraries to generate factories, trace classes, and trace factories.

The libraries created by the Traceability Tutorial are now being used in this project.

This project is remaining here as an example of how to integrate the classes into a service.

##TraceControl Covers how we are able to activate and deactivate various trace modes.

##Main Loop Examines the main loop of the simulated service, and points out some key points that we should be aware of.

##Formatters A high level view of the custom formatters that are part of the project.

##SortControl A light overview of the sorter container.

##DataService A light overview of the data service.