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GTA Vehicle Controller / FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the default configurations?

  • It is very simple. You just need to open the VehicleController.ini file which is located together with this script.

How to change the default keys?

  • In the configuration file, you can change both keys and controls for each function.

Which keys are allowed?

  • It is possible to configure almost any key easily from simple (eg. T) to complex combinations such as Ctrl+T, Ctrl+Alt+T, Shift+T, etc.
  • IMPORTANT: If you configure a key which is natively used by GTA V, its original function will keep being executed. That's a limitation of the engine itself.
  • To see the full list of available keys, follow this link:

What about controller settings?

  • Same as changing keyboard keys, you can just put the name of the control or its number.
  • IMPORTANT: The native control will still be execute, so keep it in mind while using controls which might be activated while inside a vehicle.
  • To see the full list of controls allowed, follow this link: Controls

How to disable certain features?

  • Some features have an Enabled settings under the configuration file. Setting it to False will disable the component.
  • For the features which doesn't contain the Enabled setting, just set the Key/Control setting to None.

Why feature XYZ is not implemented?

  • The game is relatively new (PC) and not all natives (functions used by R* to script the game behaviour) are completely discovered.
  • Also, some developers implements features using some [i]workarounds[/i] which might cause crashes, memory leaks, and so on...
  • Therefore, I will implement features using the game natives OR some workarounds which I might consider very safe.

Can I suggest a feature?

  • Yes, of course you can. However, keep in mind that this mod have as goal realist missing controllers from vehicles. Realist vehicles don't drive alone (well, not officially).

Do you accept DONATIONS?

  • Yes, I'll be so happy to accept your donation. You can follow the link on my signature or send me a private message.
  • I'll use your money to...
    • Buy a controller (I can't test controller support right now...)
    • Buy software license (Yes, as a developer, it is crap to use other people work illegally)
    • Buy a beer sometimes :-)

Do you accept making private mods?

  • Depends on my own time schedule, mood, and your offer. :-)
  • I DO NOT make mods for GTAO, unless you want to run NETWORKCASH::NETWORK_DELETE_CHARACTER :-)