Upgrade SQLite to the latest version prior to release

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Igor Sereda created an issue

Version 3.24.0 contains a critical bug – http://www.sqlite.org/cgi/src/info/9936b2fa443fec03ff25

Before releasing the next sqlite4java, we need to update the embedded sqlite to the version that contains a fix.

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  1. Igor Sereda reporter

    Hi Ivan, thanks, sorry for the slow progress. We'll try to mobilize some resources and get to the release in a few months.


  2. Daniel Micay

    Are there still blockers for the release? At a minimum, it would be really nice to get SQLite updated since there have been important security updates since the old version currently being used. If help is needed, I can get some people to help since it’s important to me that this library is in a good state for my downstream project using it. I’ve considered moving to a different library but I don’t like any of the others and they don’t seem any more actively maintained than this.

  3. Igor Sereda reporter

    Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment and for offering help. I admit we haven’t spent a lot of effort on this in the past months. There’s been some effort to update SQLite – the current version in master contains SQLite 3.26.0. A number of other tickets were closed too, but we didn’t conclude that with a release.

    The thing is that a full release requires quite a bit of effort to build for all the platforms it can support. I’m currently looking to hire someone to take care of this – please send me a direct email at sereda@gmail.com in a week and I’ll update you on how it’s going.

    That said, one can always pull the latest repo version and build locally. There are some docs in https://bitbucket.org/almworks/sqlite4java/wiki/BuildingFromSource . Upgrading SQLite for the sake of security and bug fixes (without introducing new features on the Java side) should be also straightforward – just replace the amalgamation files in the sqlite/ directory.

    Hope this helps.


  4. webfolder


    I built sqlite4java with sqlite 3.30.1 (latest).

    Build scripts: sqlite4java-build

    It’s built on Appveyor platform.

    Currently it supports Windows 32-bit, 64-bit and GNU/Linux 64-bit

    I am not familiar with arm & MacOS. Please send a pull request to support additional environments.

  5. Roman Pickl


    I have revisited this, as one of our queries takes forever using the last release.
    Based on @webfolder 's version I hacked together a new osgi bundle and the problematic query that takes >4000 seconds on my laptop now runs in ~700 ms.

    Which kind of help do you need to provide an official release?

    all the best,

    btw: sqlite 3.32.0 was released two days ago 🙂

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