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MessagePreview for Thunderbird

Adds a column to the Thunderbird message list to display the message preview in a tooltip on column row icon mouse hover or a short preview in the column row itself. Use the thread pane columnpicker to select the Message Preview column and then drag it to whatever position you like. The column width may be sized as desired. See the Add-ons Manager Options/Preferences for configuration details.


Thunderbird 68 - MessagePreview v1.2

Thunderbird 78 - MessagePreview v2.0

Features include:

  • Preview in a tooltip, with configurable length, displayed on column row icon mouse hover.

  • Short preview, with configurable length, in the message list row itself. Size the column width as desired.

  • Preview of newsgroup (nntp) messages is also supported.

Known Issues:

Some previews, particularly of newsgroup messages, may contain undesired headers or a raw mime body. This will be improved in future versions.

Extra Features:

  • Fix core bugs below.

  • Add a secondary sort indicator to all columns.

Comments, Questions, and Bugs:

MessagePreview forum or MessagePreview issues.

Core bug fixes in MessagePreview:

  • Bug 323067 - No indicator of currently sorted column when column header is icon only
  • Bug 703849 - Column Sorting Indicators don't get refreshed correctly on Linux