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MoreLayouts for Thunderbird

MoreLayouts adds additional Wide Thread View and Stacked View to Thunderbird along with Reversed views. Plus configurable Fullscreen F11 and Message Pane F8 toggles. The options are found in the View->Layout or AppMenu Options|Preferences->Layout menus.


Thunderbird 60 - MoreLayouts v4.0

Thunderbird 68 - MoreLayouts v5.10

Thunderbird 78 - MoreLayouts v6.0

Features include:

  • Additional configurations are available by reversing panes. These are optional in the Layout menu.

  • No restart is required and layout changes are immediate.

  • Pane sizing is persisted across restarts and layout changes.

  • Fullscreen view is implemented, via F11. Select the desired fullscreen layout in Options/Preferences in Add-ons Manager.

  • Configure messagepane min/max behavior, via F8, in the 3pane view. Select the desired toggle mode in Options/Preferences in Add-ons Manager. A message must be selected first for F8 to change the layout.

  • CSS selector support is enabled using the "layout" attribute of #mailContent. Valid values are: "classic", "widemessage", "vertical", "widethread", "stacked", "accountcentral"

    eg. #mailContent[view="classic"] #messagepanebox {border: 4px solid purple !important}

  • NEW: Configure location of attachment list (top, right, left of message) instead of bottom.

  • NEW: Message pane toolbar button display option (icons, text, icons and text).

Comments, Questions, and Bugs:

MoreLayouts forum or MoreLayouts issues.

Core bug fixes in MoreLayouts:

Bug 215661 - Suggestion for Additional Window Layout
Bug 265393 - Changing View Layout does not preserve the mail message encoding
Bug 304697 - Make attachment pane movable / dockable (Cannot move / change position of attachment pane)
Bug 406540 - Make window layout 'dynamic', e.g. allow interchanging position of thread pane / message list and message preview pane
Bug 492216 - On layout change, listener for onEndMsgDownload seems gone, so that never runs.
Bug 515732 - When showing a newspaperstyle threaded set of messages, you can change the window layout once
Bug 636874 - On layout change, tab shows wrong message than it had before the change.
Bug 718306 - Changing layout breaks with Mail Summaries and/or Conversations
Bug 1115183 - "Node was not found" error when going into appmenu->preferences->layout
Bug 1199748 - Changing layout to wide or vertical causes email body not to be shown