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LDSVerseBot is a reddit bot that responds to posts and comments in some LDS-related subreddits.

To get LDSVerseBot to respond to your comments, surround a scripture citation with square brackets (eg. [Genesis 1:1]). LDSVerseBot will then reply with the full text of your citation.

The citation format is [book chapter:verse-endverse translation]. Everything other than book and chapter is optional.

Accepted translations are LDS (default), ESV, and IV (or JST).


Common abbreviations are accepted. (See Abbreviation List) You must cite at least a book and a chapter. You may also cite a verse or a simple range of verses (eg. 3-7). Since links use square brackets, LDSVerseBot may also respond to links.

If LDSVerseBot does not respond to you, it may or may not be your fault:

  • You may be posting in a subreddit that LDSVerseBot is not following
  • Your scripture reference may not exist (book misspelled, or chapter or verse out of range)
  • LDSVerseBot may be having technical difficulties.


[Genesis 1]

[Gen. 1:4-6]

[gen 1:5-7 esv]

[Song of Solomon 3:2 jst] (just kidding)