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Table of contents

    1. Antilitecoin Wiki Page
  • 1.1 Litecoin
  • 1.2 Anarchist icon
    1. Introduction
    1. In general
  • 3.1 In difference
  • 3.2 Subsidy for first 10,000 blocks
  • 3.3 Block Targets (Permanent)
    1. A Logo
    1. Development
    1. Bibliography

1. Antilitecoin Wiki Page

Antilitecoin, or "anrchistantilitecoin", is a radical cryptocurrency! It is one of the few with a serious purpose. Its ticker is "ALTC", which is simply the "a" of "anti" tagged on as a prefix to litecoin's ticker "LTC".

It is not-for-profit, revolutionary in character and should be given and shared among the freedom loving people of the world. The term anarchist is meant to be taken in the real sense. That is, the right to govern oneself, but not the right to govern others. Excluded from this category are the far-right who care only for money and pay no recognition that their taxes under the current regime are paying for the infrastructures they take advantage of. These are tax-dodgers, not anarchists. We exclude Robert Nozick's clever legacy and his kind nature from that category.

1.1 Litecoin

In simple terms we dislike litecoin a lot. The reason for this is it useless. It spent a year or so being pumped by, or on the back of, Mt Gox and Mark Karpeles and "associates'" public announcements made that when Midas is finished, litecoin would go to Mt Gox. It is suggested here that litecoin has in the past been tainted by greed and rumour.

1.2 Anarchist icon


Anarchy is a state of being, not an icon or logo. But here is one anyway.

2. Introduction

"Antilitecoin is open source and is of course cloned from litecoin v. developed by Warren Togami.

3. In general

Note: The coin count is like litecoin's 84,000,000 to mine. Blocks halving is also the same at 840,000. Rewards are the same at 50, 25, 12.5 and so on at every halving period.

3.1 In difference

Note: The first 10,000 blocks were made to encourage early adoption (greed factor). The payout of 50 coins was delayed.

int64 nSubsidy = 50 * COIN;

3.2 Subsidy for first 10,000 blocks

If the block height was less than 5,000, 500 coins were rewarded each block, if block height was less than 10,000, 250* coins were awarded each block.


else if(nHeight < 5000) { nSubsidy = 500 * COIN; } else if(nHeight < 10000)

3.3 Block Targets (Permanent)

Mining was sped up to 30 second blocks with a retarget time (difficulty change) of about every five minutes. This is opposed to ordinary litecoin's 150 second blocks and retarget of difficulty at about 3.5 days.

Note: static const int64 nTargetTimespan = 10 * 30; // antilitecoin: 5 / 6 minutes static const int64 nTargetSpacing = 1 * 30; // antilitecoin: 30 Seconds.

4. A logo (silver))


5. Development

Technical help was received with thanks from Cryptolife and Tekyboycrypto.

6. Bibliography