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inf225public / Course Evaluation

A course is a function C: L, S → L', S' from a set of students S, and a lecturer L to a set of updated students S' and an updated lecturer L', such that for any s' in S', there exists a student s in S related to s' by s' = c_s(s), with c being a function that instills some kind of knowledge and experience in a student. Unlike the evaluation of programming languages, evaluation of a course is a function e that determines the overall effectiveness and efficiency of C by querying the sets S' and S'' (the set of all students in S that have no counterpart in S') and attempting to measure the quality of the individual student learning functions c_s.

Experiences from INF225, Fall 2013

With a proper definition in place, we may now proceed with the actual evaluation.


  • 14 students completed their term project and took the final exam
  • 1 student dropped out mid-course
  • N students dropped out after 0–3 lectures
  • 2 students followed the course (mostly), without intending to take the exam


  • Grade distribution:

    • A: 21%
    • B: 29%
    • C: 21%
    • D: 14%
    • E: 14%
    • F: 0%

    Average: C+

  • Attendance vs. final grades: TBD