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[Alphabetical Index | Tag Index] – Important stuff is marked in bold, stuff with asterisk (*) will not be on the exam.


Abstract syntax treeAbstract value* — Abstraction* — Application programming interface* — Cross-cutting concern* — Domain-specific languageGenerative programming* — Generic programming* — InheritanceInlining


Ambiguous grammarAssociativityAssociativity ruleDangling else problemDeterministic context-free grammar* — Disambiguation ruleFollow restrictionGeneralised parserImplicit disambiguation ruleParse forestPrecede restrictionPriority ruleReserve ruleScannerless parsing


Application binary interface* — BackendDynamic dispatchEvaluatorFrontendInliningJust-in-time compilation* — Lexical analysisName bindingOptimisationOverload resolutionSemantic analysisTypechecker


Domain-specific languageDynamic dispatchDynamic languageDynamic scopingEvaluatorFunctional programmingGenerative programming* — Generic programming* — Higher-order functionImperative programmingInheritanceLexical scopingLiterate programming* — MethodMulti-paradigm programming* — Object-oriented programming* — Pattern matchingPolymorphism* — Referential transparencyStructured programming* — Type safetyUnification*


Abstract syntax treeAnalytic grammar* — Attribute grammarBottom-up parserDerivationDisambiguation ruleGeneralised parserGLL parserGLR parserImplicit disambiguation ruleLexical analysisLL parserLR parserMassaging* — Parse forestParse treeParserParser combinator* — Parsing expression grammar* — ParsingPredictive parserPriority ruleRecogniserRecursive descent parserScannerful parsingScannerless parsingTokenTokeniserTop-down parserYield*


Abstract value* — Algebraic data typeAnonymous functionClosureContinuation* — Dynamic dispatchDynamic scopingDynamic semanticsEnvironmentEvaluatorFormation ruleFunctionFunction typeFunction valueLexical scopingMethodName bindingNamespaceOverloadingOverload resolutionReferential transparencyScopeSemantic analysisStatic semanticsTypechecker


Abstract syntax treeAmbiguous grammarAnalytic grammar* — AssociativityAssociativity ruleAttribute grammarBackus-Naur formChomsky normal form* — Context-free grammarDangling else problemDefinite clause grammar* — DesugaringDeterministic context-free grammar* — Disambiguation ruleEpsilonExtended Backus-Naur form* — Follow restrictionFormation ruleGenerative grammar* — GrammarGrammar in a broad sense* — Implicit disambiguation ruleIsland grammar* — Kleene closureLeft factoring* — Left recursion* — LexemeLexical syntaxLiterate programming* — LL grammarLR grammarMassaging* — Nonterminal footprint* — Nonterminal symbolParse forestParse treeParsing expression grammar* — Precede restrictionPriority ruleProduction ruleRegular expressionRegular grammarReserve ruleScannerless parsingStart symbolSyntactic sugarTerminal symbol


DesugaringGenerative programming* — InliningMassaging* — OptimisationPattern matchingProgram slicing* — Yield*


Abstract data type* — Algebraic data typeComposite data typeDuck typing* — Dynamic typingFieldFunction typeMemberNamed tupleNominative type equivalence* — Polymorphism* — Record, Record typeRecursive data type* — Static semanticsStatic typingStrong typingStructural type equivalence* — Structure, Structure typeTypecheckerType inferenceType safetyTypecasting* — Weak typing

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