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Attachment Boxes Confluence app


This Wiki page is the basic user documentation for the Attachment Boxes app for Confluence. The app allows to automatically add labels to uploaded attachments. Together with Confluence's Attachments macro you can easily sort your attachment in boxes:

💡 The attachments are still stored on the page in a flat way. Attachment boxes does not add folders which allow to have the same document multiple times.

General stuff


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How to get it?

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Source code license

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End user license agreement

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Setting up a page with attachment boxes

The setup is rather simple:

  1. Navigate to the page in which you want to implement attachment boxes.
  2. Include the "Attachments macro wrapper" macro to start with a box.
  3. Include Confluence's "Attachments" macro inside (!) the body of the "Attachments macro wrapper" you just created. Define the labels which you want to see in the box.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other boxes.

In the "Attachments macro wrapper" you can define the following parameters:

  • Labels to add during upload: you only have to specify values here in case you want to add different labels than specified in the "Attachments" macro. For example: the "Attachments" macro filters for labels blue and red but you want to add green as well: set the value to "blue,red,green".
  • Drop previous labels: when users upload the same attachment (same filename) multiple times the attachment will only be visible in the last box used in case the parameter is set. Otherwise it will be visible an all previous boxes as well. Please note that the attachment is never duplicated as the app only adds labels.
  • Border color: the optional border color of the box (e.g. #4286f4).
  • Background color: the optional background color of the box (e.g. #f4f8ff).
  • Minimize footprint: when selected the footprint of the "Attachments" macro will be minimized (not for IE). This can be useful in case you have many boxes on one page.


Figure 1: sample of three attachment boxes


Figure 2: how to setup an attachment box in the editor

The example above shows a setup with three boxes. For the blue box the "Attachments macro wrapper" and "Attachments" are configured configured as follows:

Attachments macro wrapper:

  • Labels to add during upload: blue
  • Border color: #4286f4
  • Background color: #f4f8ff

Attachments macro (inside the Attachment macro wrapper):

  • Attachment labels: blue

Using a page with attachment boxes

The usage should be intuitive and does not require lots of explanation:

  • Files you drag & drop into a box are automatically labeled according to the settings in the "Attachments macro wrapper". In case you drop a file in the red box above it will get the "red" label.
  • The same applies for the selected files after you clicked "browse for files".
  • In case you want to move files from one box to another just drag & drop them.


Frequent support cases

My attachment does not show up in the box: In case you upload an attachment into a box and it does not show up you should cross-check your settings. Is the label you add the same you filter for? Does your label not contain white-spaces?

Known limitation

The app has the following known limitations:

  • The attachments are still stored in a flat way. Attachment Boxes does not introduce folders which allow you to keep the same document multiple times.
  • The footprint minimization is limited in Internet Explorer 11.

Getting support

Please use out ticketing system to create a support request regardless whether you found a bug or have a feature request. Existing bugs or feature requests are here.