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Simple Checkout Confluence app


This Wiki page is the basic user documentation for the Simple Checkout app for Confluence. The app adds check-out (lock) functionality for attachments to Confluence. An attachment checked-out (locked) by a certain user can only be edited by this user until it is checked-in again.

General stuff


Please refer to the Marketplace for more details.

How to get it?

Please navigate to the Marketplace:

Privacy policy

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Source code license

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End user license agreement

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How to get to the settings


Figure 1: how to get to the global settings (use the Configure button)


Figure 2: how to get to the space settings (use the Apps menu entry)

What you can configure

You can configure the following settings globally (navigate to: Manage apps | Simple Checkout | Configure) or for each space (navigate to: Space tools | Apps | Simple Checkout):

  • Enable check-out functionality: check to enable check-out functionality globally or for the space.
  • Allow admins to force a check-in: allow Confluence admins or the applicable space admins to force a check-in.
  • Remind to check-in after: define the number of whole hours (e.g. 2) after which a user is reminded to conduct a check-in. Leave this field empty in case you don't want a reminder.
  • Force check-in after: define the number of whole hours (e.g. 4) after which the attachment is checked-in automatically. Leave this field empty in case you don't want an automatic check-in.
  • Mail title and body: you can customize the mail title and body of the mail send out as reminder to check-in and as notification that an attachment has been checked-in and is now available. You may user the placeholders defined in each field description.

The default mail title and body are as follows:

What Default template
Check-in reminder title Check-in reminder for $attachmentTitle
Check-in reminder body Dear $userName, you have checked out $attachmentTitle on page $pageTitleWithLink since $sinceHours hours. Please check-in the attachment.
Notification title Attachment $attachmentTitle is now available
Notificatoin body Dear $userName, the attachment $attachmentTitle on page $pageTitleWithLink has been checked-in and is now available.

💡 Space settings always override global settings.


Basic usage

Simple Checkout provides the following symbols / UI elements in the attachments view of each page as well as in the Attachments macro output.

UI element Action/Information
locked.png Attachment checked-out (locked) by another user. This symbol is shown next to the filename. When you hover over the symbol or filename you can see who checked-out this attachment.
unlocked.png Attachment checked-out (locked) by you. his symbol is shown next to the filename.
Check-out Use this button to check-out (lock) an attachment.
Check-in Use this button to check-in (unlock) an attachment.
Force check-in In case you have to right to force a check-in you can use this button to do so.
Notify me Use this button to request a notification once the attachment has been checked in.

Overview of check-outs and forcing a check-in

Admins and space admins can view all attachments checked-out on the configuration pages (global or each space). Additionally they can force a check-in there as well (if configured).


Frequent support cases

None yet.

Known limitation

The app has the following known limitations:

  • The app only prevents concurrent editing of attachments when the Confluence means are used. Concurrent editing of e.g. Gliffy diagrams are not covered by this app.

Getting support

Please use out ticketing system to create a support request regardless whether you found a bug or have a feature request. Existing bugs or feature requests are here.