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fonzobot-discord / Gamblor

Games of Chance

Note that all of the games are instantly reconciled: you must have enough to cover the bet. The winnings or losings will be added or taken away from your account immediately.

  • Current bet size on live instance is 1 EGC.

WARNING: This is for entertainment and demonstration purposes only. Regular gambling, betting and any kind of chancery is not encouraged. If fonzobot's gamblor is abused either maliciously or with addictive behaviour, it will be restricted or disabled.

Games For Charity

You can play for charity! Be greedy and charitable at the same time. Your winnings are split with a random charity. They game rules work exactly the same except for the winnings.

  • Winnings: winnings are split 50/50.
  • 50% of the winnings (minus tx fees) goes to a random charity from EverGreenCoin's charities.json list.

Example forcharity winnings breakdown:

Winnings: 0.01 EGC
- For charity: 0.005 - 0.0001 (tx fee) = 0.0049 EGC
- For player: 0.005 EGC



  • Play a game of 50/50. The rules:
    • You have exactly 50% chance to win.
    • Ergo, you have exactly 50% chance to lose.
    • Aliases: !5050 !50/50


  • Play a game of 50/50 for charity.
    • Aliases: !50504c !50/504c

Rock, Paper, Scissors

!rockpaperscissors <hand>

  • Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The rules:
    • You pick your <hand>: rock, paper,or scissors. Pass this as the only argument.
    • I pick my hand.
    • We'll see who wins!
    • Aliases: !rps

!rockpaperscissorsforcharity <hand>

  • Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for charity.
    • Aliases: !rockpaperscissors4c !rps4c !rpsforcharity


The module gamblor enables games of chance and bets. All games use the same bet amount, defined in config.bet_size, check config.js.