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Why SelectionSK doesn't work on ''?

By default Firefox disables extensions on '' and some other domains. Two parameters need to be configured in the 'about:config': remove '' from 'extensions.webextensions.restrictedDomains' (or even empty it); add a new boolean - 'privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager' to 'about:config' and set its value to 'true'.

Why SelectionSK doesn't work in Reader View?

Firefox's Reader View replaces the page with a new one and content scripts are not executed. Most (if not all) extensions will not work in Reader View.

Why SelectionSK doesn't work in PDF Viewer?

Firefox's PDF Viewer replaces the page with a new one and content scripts are not executed. Most (if not all) extensions will not work in PDF Viewer.

You can hold down ALT while selecting text to select a link's text instead of clicking the link.

How to select a word?

Double click selects a word. Menu will popup automatically. Btw, Firefox's copy feature always adds extra space before or after when double clicking to select text, here is how to disable that - add a new boolean - layout.word_select.eat_space_to_next_word — to about:config and set its value to 'false'.

How to select by words instead of characters?

Instead of simply clicking and dragging your mouse, double-click the first or last word you want to highlight and hold down the mouse button on the second click; then just drag the mouse as usual when selecting text — you will select whole words rather than individual characters.

What are the keyboard shortcuts supported by SelectionSK?

SelectionSK becomes extremely power when mouse used together with keyboard. Here is list of supported keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+C - copies current page name and url to clipboard if there is no selected text.
  • Ctrl - holding Ctrl while selecting text will automatically popup translation window. Works the best when word is selected by double click.
  • Shift - holding Shift while selecting text will automatically highlight it. Works the best when word is selected by double click.
  • 'W' and 'S' keys - allow to move forward\backward in between highlighted phrases.
  • Esc - closes popup if it is open; closes translation window if it is open; removes selection or highlighting.
  • In addition, you can type 't <your word or phrase>' in the address bar for instant translation (use Ctrl+L for fast access to address bar).

What is the deal with left\middle\right mouse button click?

Left mouse button click will perform the default action. Right or middle mouse button click on the same menu item will perform the extended action:

  • By default the selection will be passed to bookmark URL as is. Right mouse button click will quote a selection, useful for perform phrase search. Bonus - middle mouse button click will open bookmark and highlight all occurrences of selected text.
  • Middle mouse button click on 'Highlight all' will do case sensitive highlight.
  • Right mouse button click on 'Highlight all' will perform highlighting for exact words.
  • Right mouse button click on 'Copy' will perform 'Copy as a plain text', so 'Copy as a plain text' item can be disabled and some space saved.
  • Similarly, right mouse button click on 'Copy as a plain text' will perform 'Copy', so 'Copy' item can be disabled and some space saved. That provides a great flexibility - more options available within the same popup.
  • Right mouse button click on 'Copy Translation' button in the translation window will copy translation and original text.

What is 'Icon source'?

In order to show site's icon SelectionSK is using favorite icon services that return best possible icons for a site. There are three supported services:

  • BestIcon - own by SelectionSK, provides best quality icons for all resolutions, but has limited capacity and maybe blocked by certain networks
  • DuckDuckGo (default) - icon quality is good, usually not blocked by networks
  • Google - icon quality is bad (16x16px), but accessible from almost everywhere

Please use icon source that is working the best for you.

On top of it SelectionSK carries high quality icons for most popular sites, means these icons will be shown regardless of network restrictions.

What is 'Allow text selection on websites that disable this functionality'?

Certain sites (like FanFiction) use special attribute 'user-select' in order to prohibit text selection on the site. This is very inconvenient for users, so SelectionSK allows to select text even if disabled by site. This functionality is not working on sites that prohibits selection without using 'user-select' attribute. Note that this option changes site behavior, so please use with caution.

I installed SelectionSK and got an annoying popup in text boxes. Is it possible to disable it?

Sure. Just open Preferences and uncheck 'Allow in text boxes'.

But please give it a second chance - you may find it convenient to translate a word in a text box or search for it in your favorite search engine. Plus, the popup will automatically disappear once you will start typing, so the interference will be as minimal as possible. More - there are some unique features (like the ability to change a case) available in the text boxes. In addition, you can enable 'middle mouse paste' FF functionality, it is convenient to use middle mouse paste together with extension in editable text boxes.

Why does 'paste' not always work in text boxes?

This is the current Firefox limitation. For some reason Firefox allows 'paste' for <textarea> but not for input fields.

Remind me, how to enable 'middle mouse paste' in Firefox?

Open about:config, search for 'middlemouse.paste', set it to 'true'.

Are you planning to support Opera?

No. Opera support was added, but removed once I figured out that Opera support team is slow and approval for extension can take months. Nowadays, Opera is not independent browser anymore, but a Chrome clone, so please use Install Chrome Extensions if you want to use extension in the Opera.

I found a bug. How can I report it?

Please submit your suggestions and report issues here.