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SpotifyTree / Functions

  • Shows playlists in a tree view (playlists folders supported) and allows to play them with one click. Featured playlists (prepared for you by Spotify) can be shown as well.
  • Shows saved albums sorted by artist in a tree view and allows to play them with one click.
  • Playlists and saved albums can be auto played.
  • Play random song based on the songs from saved albums.
  • Quick and easy popup player that controls the Spotify Web Player.
  • Icon's tooltip shows name of currently playing song and artist.
  • Supports basic keyboard shortcuts for previous(Ctrl+Shift+Left), play\pause(Ctrl+Shift+Down), next(Ctrl+Shift+Right). All shortcuts can be changed in the preferences. In addition, Media Keys supported under Chrome.
  • Shows playback info (song\artist) on track change (can be enabled\disabled in the preferences). Playback info can be shown at any time using Ctrl+Shift-Up keyboard shortcut.
  • In all cases there is no need to switch to the Spotify Web Player page, so your browsing experience remains uninterrupted.
  • Especially helpful if you have dozens of playlists and saved albums.
  • Spotify Web Player improvements: show track numbers, show total playlist or album time, show artist details and album details in the tooltip.