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Droid Finder is an all-in-one mobile security and phone tracking application that allows you to remotely control your Android device using two way SMS communication. It features a clean UI with customizable options for each feature type. All of the below mentioned features can be individually activated or disabled

##Primary Features

  • Locate
  • Lock
  • Wipe
  • Sound

##Secondary Features: Screenshot (Beta) Action Response(s) Activation History Holo (Dark/ Light) Themes


The LOCATE feature lets the user find a lost phone. This is done by gaining access to the lost device's GPS / WiFi / network to provide the most accurate location possible.

The user sends an SMS message to the lost device with a user defined pass code. The lost device sends a reply SMS or/and email (also user specified email) back to the requesting device with a click able Google Maps/ Bing Maps location link. The user can choose the preferred location provider from Bing or Google Maps.

By default the device is set to reply with SMS messages (Google Maps as the default location provider). Email can also be specified for location emails.

The LOCATE feature also keeps a record of the time and phone number of the last location request.


This feature lets you Lock the device and stop unauthorized usage of the phone for security or privacy reasons. Also activated by sending a user defined pass code in an SMS message from any phone. When SMS is received, the device will lock immediately or after a user specified time delay.

User can specify a response phrase or word that is sent by SMS when the phone performs the locking action.

The LOCK feature also keeps a record of the time and phone number of the last lock request.


If enabled, it gives user the options to remotely wipe the internal or/and external storage of their Android device. User can also use this feature to wipe device on user defined number of failed login attempts. This feature is disabled by default.

The user sends an SMS with the user specified pass code and the phone wipes the user specified storage of the phone. The device will send a user defined response acknowledging the wipe action.


When the user sends a defined pass code in a SMS message, the device will start to play sound, which can be changed by user. Device sound and audio loop can be preset by the user.

The SOUND feature also keeps a record of the time and phone number of the last activation request.


We are working hard to bring more new and stable features to this project. This includes the still in Beta stage "Screenshot" feature which takes a screen shot of the device's screen through remote SMS message.


If you would like to support Droid Finder, please report bugs, features at Issue Tracker or use the built in feedback option available within the application.

##Thanks Droid Finder uses the following libraries:

##Contact If you would like to contact us, please email

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