Don't use hard links for dashboard files

Issue #125 resolved
Brad Mace
created an issue

Not positive whether this is a bug or not, but it seems strange that atlasboard generate dashboard ___ hardlinks all the dashboards it creates (the json files in packages/default/dashboards) to the same inode, making them all identical.

This is on Ubuntu 14.04 w/ Node 0.10.25. Atlasboard v1.0.1

(This doesn't appear to happen when generating jobs or widgets)

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  1. Brad Mace reporter

    If I generate multiple dashboards (maybe only when they're in the same package), it's as if I did

    ln test.json test2.json

    i.e. just multiple files names all pointing to the same underlying file.


    So I end up doing

    rm test2.json
    cp test.json test2.json

    in order to have a distinct file that I can edit separately.

    inodes different.PNG

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